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Finding  reliable residential or commercial roofing contractors in NJ. Can be hard, And you as the owner or property manager of any building, be it a commercial or residential property, one of your main roles is to maintain it in the best condition possible in order to maintain and if possible, improve its value. The roof is one of the most important components of any building. Which is why it needs to always be in tip-top condition. If your roof is damaged, and you need an Commercial  emergency roof repair. Don’t hesitate to contact us now. We can provide commercial roof repair and installation. Knowing that you have a roof leak. It’s almost impossible to enjoy staying in your property, particularly during the rainy and snow season. Issues like this is something, You have to fix it right away.

When looking for a commercial roofing contractors 


providing the best commercial roofing contractors in NJIts hard to find great commercial roofing contractors. Luckily, if you live in New Jersey, you don’t have to struggle when you need any Commercial roofing services. We are a professional Commercial roofing company known for offering the highest quality residential and commercial roofing in new jersey. Our professional commercial roofing services in New Jersey Are #1

TA Hughes lll offers a wide range of quality commercial roofing services to our customers throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. Our services cover a variety of roofing styles such as flat or tiled roofs. Having handled many roofing projects in New Jersey for many years, we have made our name as the go-to roofing service provider in New Jersey.


We provide the best  commercial roofing contractors in NJ

1.Roofing installation

To insure your commercial roof will last you a very long time. Make sure the installation is handled by certified commercial roofing contractors. We are the best roof installation pros, specializing in both commercial roof installation services In the New jersey area. We can install different types of roofs such as tiled roofs, flat roofs, slate roof, asphalt shingles, among many others. Using only high-quality roofing materials that we are sure will give you long term service. Our roof installation experts are highly qualified and have been doing this for many years. You can rely on us to handle any roofing installation job you give us to perfection.

2. Commercial Roofing repair

It is normal for a roof to get damaged once in a while. Maybe it has given you many great years of service but has finally succumbed to rust, ants, or just old age. Or maybe your area was hit by a hurricane that blew the roof off. Or maybe a tree branch fell on your roof and now you have to fix it. Whatever the reasons are for needing roof repair services, we are here to help. Our roofing repair technicians are experts at identifying all kinds of roofing damages and finding a quick and effective fix for all of them. We use high-quality original spares that perform just as or better than the ones you had.

3. Roofing maintenance

If you want to prolong the life of your roof, you can’t just sit and wait for your roof to get damaged to have a professional look at it. Preventive maintenance is very important and can save you a lot of money. Having a roof regularly checked by our staff will help detect  commercial repair issues early before they escalate and force you to spend a lot more in repairs.


Our Commercial Roofing Services In New Jersey Also include:

New Installation

Gutters Installation

Gutter Repair

 Commercial Roof Repair

Siding Repair

Commercial Roof Restoration

Roof Inspection

Commercial Gutter and Downspouts





Why you should hire us


1. 24-hour emergency roof repair services

We are always ready to come to your help whenever you have a roofing emergency regardless of where you are in New Jersey or the time of the day or night. Our team works round the clock to ensure that we arrive at your doorstep shortly after you contact us.

2. Professional staff

All our roofing installation and repair staff have been through adequate training, both on and off the job, and have vast experience in roofing services. We are fully licensed & insured. You never have to worry about anything when dealing with us.

3. We keep up with the latest trends

As a result of technology, there are many new roofing styles, materials, and techniques that constantly being invented. We keep up with the latest in the world of roofing to ensure that we provide roofing solutions that are up to date a lot better than what you had previously.

4. Improve your property value

The roof is one of the first things people see even when far from your home. Keeping it in perfect condition at all times boosts the value of your property and draws in potential buyers when you need to sell.

5. Affordable

Don’t search for roofing contractors in my area no more! We always aim to offer the highest quality roofing services in New Jersey at the most affordable prices.

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