Roof Inspection In New Jersey

One of the most important components of any house is the roof. The roof keeps you, your family, and belongings protected from all types of weather conditions and other threats. A roof is usually a long term investment and once installed, it can give you many years of service before needing replacement. However, to keep your roof in perfect shape for as long as possible, it is important to hire a professional Roof inspector  to inspect it at least once a year.

A roof inspection in the nj area helps detect small problems early which can save you from having to pay for costly repairs later. Most homeowners overlook this vital annual roof inspection until the day their roof needs expensive repairs.

You can avoid finding yourself in such a situation by adding just one roof inspection to your calendar. You may inspect the roof yourself or call in a professional roofing contractor in NJ to handle it.

If you are doing it yourself, there are many ways you can approach it even without using a ladder. There some obvious signs that show that your roof has a problem, such as shingles that appear to be buckled or broken, cracked caulking, grit buildup in or near gutters, among others. Some of these signs show that your roof is near the end of its life cycle and requires a replacement before other problems pop up.

Simple Roofing repairs

These are the things you need to look out for when inspecting your roof:

a) Missing or damaged shingles – any missing or damaged shingles must be replaced as soon as you realize they are.

b) Popped up nails – if you see any popped up nails, hammer them back into place.

c) Seals around the flashing – sometimes the caulking around the chimney, skylight, attic vent, or the flashing may be peeling or missing entirely. This is dangerous as it can lead to leaks when it rains. To prevent this, such areas should be re-caulked immediately.

Early signs of a roof leak

The worst thing about a roof leak is that it could be going on for weeks or even months before you realize it’s happening. But, if you have a keen eye, you may notice some of these early signs of roof leaks:

a) Peeling paint or wallpaper

b) Dark spots on your ceiling

c) water stains on gutters and pipes

d) Damp areas along the fireplace

You should arrange for a professional roof inspection new jersey the minute you notice any of these signs to prevent further damage and minimize repair costs.

When to call roofing professionals

If you notice any signs of leaks or any other type of roof damage, it’s always best to have professional take a look at it. You don’t even have to see the signs sometimes. For instance, after a storm or hail, you need to arrange for roof inspection hail damage even if you don’t see any signs of damage. Most people don’t feel comfortable going up to the roof and don’t have the necessary skills to perform proper roof repairs. Professional roofing contractors have the expertise and experience needed to identify roofing problems quickly and come up with a quick and effective solution.

When is a roof replacement needed?

Sometimes a roof is just too damaged to repair and you have to think of having it replaced entirely. When this time comes, make sure you get quotes from a number of roofing contractors. Make sure that the roofing company you choose is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You can always search for such companies online and check their ratings or ask friends or family members to give you recommendations for reliable roofing contractors in your area.

If you need any more information on spotting issues with your roofing system, get in touch with us today!

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